Destination Milos

What to do in Milos Island

Milos is a beautiful island located in the Cyclades complex of islands. Milos has the most beautiful beaches, most of them being not accessible by car. By renting a boat from Polaris Boat Rental, you will be able to visit all the non accessible beaches of the island.

The typical day begins by picking up your boat from Pollonia port or Kimolos Port. Be sure to visit the most famous beaches such as Tsigrado, Kleftiko, Sarakiniko, Kipoi and many more!

The adventure begins from the moment you leave port up until late evening. Choose our Compass 150cc to avoid skipper fees, or go the luxurious way with our Compass 165cc or our new addition to our fleet, the Compass 7s!

Visit the most beautiful beaches in Milos!


The main attraction of Milos of historical importance as it was the bay where the pirates of the Aegean began their adventures. This area is located in the southwest part of Milos with very beautiful rocks, crystal clear waters and many caves to explore while swimming. This area is not accessible by car.


One of the most beautiful beaches of the island with green crystal clear waters and a beautiful background like a painting. The only access to this beach is by sea only.


One of the most famous and crowded beaches of the island in relation to its size. It is quite difficult to access it from land as you have to go down a wooden ladder, descend with a rope a few meters and finally another wooden ladder to the beach.

Agia Kyriaki

The beach where most sea trips in Milos start and the white pebbles.


Quiet and secluded nudist beach on the south side of Milos with very beautiful scenery.

Spilaio Sykias

The largest cave of Milos on its western side, whose roof has fallen into the sea for a few years now.

Agios Ioannis

Three very beautiful beaches with golden sand and only one is accessible by car with a difficult road.


Gulf with very beautiful and quiet beaches such as Ammoudaraki. Hard-to-reach area by car.


Very beautiful and quiet beach with pebbles, inaccessible area by car.

Akrotiri Vani

Very beautiful beach with pebbles and very nice brown rocks at the entrance of the port of Milos. The beach is only accessible by sea.


Beautiful and organized beach on the north side of Milos with beautiful waters and wires on the beach.


One of the most famous places in Milos with rocks that look like the Moon. Busy place with high cliffs for diving and very nice place for photos accessible by car. Ideal place for diving as it also has a shipwreck that can be seen.


A bay with very beautiful rocks and caves next to the archaeological site of Phylakopi. It has two beaches, one is near the road and the other is inside the rock.

Tria Pigadia

Bay with a very long beach with pebbles and very beautiful rocks. Hard-to-reach area by car and there is the nudist beach of Kastanas.


A very beautiful beach on the eastern side of Milos. Sulfur was mined there about 70 years ago and the mining machines have been left inside the buildings. It’s like a public museum and also has a mine that you can explore. Very interesting diving bottom and difficult to access by car.

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Why rent a boat in Milos from Polaris Boat Rental?​

Milos is an island full of amazing sights and beaches. Most of them though are not accessible by car or even by foot. Visiting most of them will require you climbing hills, going through steep trails or hang from ropes (not kidding!).

If you rent a boat in Milos, you get the unique chance to visit all these hidden gems with ease and speed! Instead of driving around the island, you can travel by sea to all the amazing sights that nobody should skip visiting! 

The adventure begins from the moment you leave port up until late evening. Choose our Compass 150cc to avoid skipper fees, or go the luxurious way with our Compass 165cc or our new addition to our fleet, the Compass 7s!