Compass 150cc

Compass 150cc

Compass 150cc is divined because of its avant-garde construction and modern design combined with a sporty performance.
Though it is considered as a small vessel of 4.6m , it is spacious and comfortable for 5 people. Another big benefit : it is easy and fun to drive , even if you drive for the very first time, and no speedboat license is required.
Engine is a Yamaha 30 hp. There is a fuel tank of 50 lt , a cooler for water and soft drinks and a shade for sun protection.

Compass 150cc Specs

Length Total4.55m
Chain Width1,9m
Weight (without motor)350kg
CategoryC – 5 people
Width Total1,97m
Standart Keel Draught0,307m
Fuel Tank50 L

Why rent a boat in Milos from Polaris Boat Rental?​

Milos is an island full of amazing sights and beaches. Most of them though are not accessible by car or even by foot. Visiting most of them will require you climbing hills, going through steep trails or hang from ropes (not kidding!).

If you rent a boat in Milos, you get the unique chance to visit all these hidden gems with ease and speed! Instead of driving around the island, you can travel by sea to all the amazing sights that nobody should skip visiting! 

Compass 150cc is the ideal choice for you if you need to rent a boat in Milos! Check the pricelist below and choose your preferred dates to book one of our Compass 150cc boats in Milos.

Pricelist Compass 150cc

Period / Time09:00 – 14:0014:30 – 19:3010:00 – 19:00
May – June – October180 €180 €300 €
July – August – September200 €200 €340 €

Important information on renting Compass 150cc

  • Max. Capacity 5 people
  • No Speedboat licence required
  • Fuel not included in price
  • Prices are not including taxes
  • Skipper available for an extra charge of 60€
  • Free snorkeling equipment onboard
  • Free water accessories (inflatables etc)

How to safely operate the Compass 150cc boat

Even though that Compass 150cc does not require a speedboat licence, our team of experts will teach you most of the Compass 150cc functions. You will get a full 30 minute training (included in price) before being allowed to leave port with the boat. Always be sure that you keep the speed limits and safety distances from ashore and from crowded beaches. All our skippers are fully trained in the operations of Compass 150cc and are acquainted with the area and the waters of Milos & Kimolos.